This morning, a waste management truck collided with a toll booth in Rochester, backing up traffic for miles, and leaving one woman with injuries.

According to, the tollbooth attendant was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. While the accident temporarily halted traffic, lanes were moving shortly after,  but the morning commute continued to experience delays. The accident was reported shortly before 7am.

The article also stated State Troopers were quick to the scene after receiving reports of a trash truck making heavy contact with a southbound tollbooth. The investigation performed on site revealed the side loading door of the waste management truck had been left open, and as a result the door made a major impact on the tollbooth bordering lane 1.

Troopers reported the driver of the truck was identified as a 29 year old man from Lebanon, Maine. Michael Stelline was not injured in the incident. Stacy Doris, 77, of Dover was the attendant who was taken to the hospital, and released after treatment for minor injuries.

Expect more delays as the booth will be closed for repairs.



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