Coronavirus is no joke and were all taking massive precautions to avoid getting it. But when someone is diagnosed with this illness and they are in the "vulnerable population" it is not a good sign.

But a 95-year-old Navy vet from Manchester, New Hampshire is a true warrior and it just wasn't his time to go.

Leo Buote was diagnosed with Covid-19 back in early May at Hanover Hill Healthcare Center. He has a strong network of family and friends that stuck by his side and believed that he could fight this thing. According to WMUR, his daughter Wendi reassured Leo that a lot of older people are surviving and he just needed to keep fighting. The article states Leo responded:

"I have no intentions of giving up, I love life"

That's when #TeamLeo was born. The family received updates all throughout his diagnosis and thankfully Leo never got severely ill. Then this past Sunday, the family got the call they hoped and prayed for. Leo was clear! He fought this thing!

Leo can't wait for life to get back to normal so he can go to his favorite spot, Billy's Sports Bar and treat himself to a cold one. I'd say you earned TWO cold ones, Leo!

Leo, you are an inspiration for all of us to stay strong and never give up hope. God bless you and your family.

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