According to, the hot chocolate offered at L.A Burdick on Main St. in Walpole, NH isn't your everyday cup of hot chocolate. It has been described as "decadent", "creamy" and "life-changing". It's so fancy they don't even call it hot chocolate. They call it, "drinking chocolate".

Rumor has it they sell the powder for their drinking chocolate so you can make it at home! Imagine kicking back and sipping this sweet treat while you enjoy some trashy TV after a long day. HEAVEN.

When I first graduated college I used to give Chocolate Tours around the city of Boston. We would stop at 5 different chocolate shops and I would give my group a breif history of each place and they would try a treat from each. L.A Burdick was one of my stops on my tour. (their Newbury Street location) I never did get a chance to try their drinking chocolate but if it is half as good as their chocolate macaroons, I might become a full on choc-o-holic.

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