I binge watch TV shows.  I love putting my feet up in front of the boob tube after a long day with a glass of wine.  It's the best way for me to relax and listen, I have very few vices, so if TV is it, I think I'm gonna be okay.

It's become a recent problem, however, to find a good show for me to watch after I've finished whatever series has caught my fancy.  My latest time-waster is The Clinton Affair on A&E.

I'm not especially political.  I have my opinions and of course, I do my civic duty, but to actually follow every single disagreement in our government?  No, thank you.  I am, however, very interested in the Clinton scandal of the '90's.  I am about the same age as Monica Lewinsky, although I think she's a bit younger, and I was, at the time, an employee in a law office.  I have felt bad for her since 1997.  She was 21 years old and he was the President of the United States.  Not a fair contest.

In any case, I watched the first episode last night and I was so surprised to see Bill Clinton bowling at LEDA LANES in Nashua when he was campaigning for his first Presidency.  He was bowling on the last lane and I noticed the name on the wall.  (Remember?  It was a carpeted wall with the big letters that spelled out LEDA LANES.  Might still be there, but I haven't gone in years!)  The show also showed him at NH restaurants.  I think one may have been the Red Arrow in Manchester, but I couldn't be sure.

Everything leads back to New Hampshire.


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