Talk about Survivor Island!  The television series has nothing on this fawn born on an island in York, Maine this Memorial Day weekend.

According to, the lighthouse keeper was alerted that some volunteers had spotted a fawn on the island. Matt Rosenberg, Nubble Lighthouse keeper went to his webcam and spied footage of a Mama deer who appeared to be napping on the front lawn of the lighthouse but saw no evidence of the baby.

However, it seems that deer gave birth to a fawn and then also left the island after, the news story stated.


It is next to unheard of that a heavily pregnant deer would take a swim out to the island, let alone give birth there.

The game warden was alerted of the sighting, according to, he mentioned letting the fawn sit overnight and see if Mama deer would come back for the baby.

Sadly, there was no sign of Mama deer.

There is a happy ending though.

According to, Marine Animals of Maine dispatched a volunteer, and fortunately, he had a kennel in the back of his vehicle and was able to locate the fawn.

Sure enough, he heard her rustling around, and the fawn came right to him, licked his face and seemed pretty happy to be rescued, the news story reported.

Authorities are now seeking a home for the little fawn, according to Fosters. I hope it will be named Bambi!

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