#sundaysnackday part 2 #nachos #castironskillet

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Today is National Nachos Day. First off, it's falling on the worst day of the week for gluttonous snacking. After spending half the weekend face first in the results of a new chili recipe, let's throw another 2,000 calorie bomb on top! Excessive? Nahh. There are certain things in life you don't skimp on, and nachos are P1. There's nothing worse than a place selling itself on their famous nachos, and it's full of squeeze cheese, pickled jalapenos, and stacks of chips no one cared to properly place. Nachos are the food where dropping $40 is perfectly okay. Right?

Best made in a cast iron skillet (what isn't?) and cooked over an open flame. Chicken, chili, olives, jalapenos, tomatos, green onions, and at least four different varieties of cheese are going to make it sing. Top it with chopped cilantro for extra freshness, and you've got yourself a snack.

Also, don't skimp on the chips. Thin chips will not cut it. My rule is if they easily break, they're not worth is. Broken chips and chasing cheese around the plate is no way to go through life, son.

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