Peanuts and Cracker Jacks have been part of baseball for generations. The tradition comes to an end with the arrival of a new season in one ballpark..

The Hartford Yard Goats tested the waters last season by hosting two peanut-free games. This year, General Manager Mike Abramson wanted to go all in, according to the Hartford Courant. “With a family with kids who have a peanut allergy, they don’t have to hope their schedule matches up for one game, or hope there are five tickets together in a section of 100 tickets. They can come to any game and sit in any seat.”

Aside from the traditional component, there's also a financial to make up. According to the Hartford Courant, in 2018 the park sold more than 10,000 bags of peanuts, at $4 a bag.

What will replace the gold standard of baseball snacks? The food and beverage team is reportedly working on new concessions like caramel corn, and adding pre-packaged gluten-free snacks. There will also be vegan options.

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