A few weeks ago, Old Dominion's lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, was seriously injured in an ATV accident and fractured his pelvis in three places.

The accident led the band to reschedule, at first, three shows of the "No Bad Vibes" tour.

Ramsey, through the band's Instagram, later announced three additional reschedulings – one of which is the only New England show, scheduled for April 16, 2023, in Bangor, Maine.

While this announcement came during 'Kira and Logan in the Morning' on 97.5 WOKQ, my co-host, Kira, who is a MASSIVE fan, was devastated.

Yes, she was sad (understandably so), but she was also angry...at the artist.

Her initial feeling was that artists on tour should not be ATVing or participating in anything that could lead them to be injured. She went on to say that artists should have to sign something that says artists will not participate in any activities that could result in injury while on tour.


That is absolutely ridiculous.

I would even venture to say that if record labels gave artists, like Matthew Ramsey, an ultimatum (no ATVing/adrenaline activities while on tour or no touring at all)...well...I don't think it is crazy to think that some, like Ramsey, would be done with music and live performances.

Artists are people and cannot be limited to their job and their job only. To ask artists to limit their activities while on tour is not fair at all.

To think that they owe it to their fans to limit their activities to their music/touring and "safe activities" just because they make a lot of money, are in the spotlight, and signed up for this career, is ludicrous.

They are people doing a job, and they deserve to do their hobbies, whatever they may be, even when on tour.

Old Dominion's tour is about four months long, but some artists like Taylor Swift go on tour for half the year. Limiting what they can do for half a year seems like a horrible and inhumane concept.

So for those who think that Matthew Ramsey was selfish for ATVing and fracturing his pelvis, YOU are the selfish one. The band is making up the show. Now, I know you may have had a babysitter, hotel, and a whole lot of rescheduling to do, which is a pain in the butt.

But this guy has it worse off...

***Full disclosure: I love and respect Kira, her opinion, and anyone who is upset or affected by this tour change***

I just think it is what it is – an accident.

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