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So, this morning for our Good Stuff segment on Chio and Kira in the Morning I highlighted Elliot Perry from Bedford, New Hampshire. If you haven't heard, the past few weeks have been VERY exciting for this 9-year-old.

Let me rewind approximately 9 years to when Elliot was born. Elliot came into this word three months early. He weighted a little over a pound (that's about the size of a water bottle to give you a sense of how small he was). The diagnosis did not look good for sweet baby Elliot. The doctors said his chance of survival was only 18% and if he did survive, the chances of him being able to talk or walk were extremely low. Can you imagine how devastating that is to hear as a parent? I certainly cannot.

Thankfully Elliot is a resilient and amazing little human who prevailed against all odds. Not only is he a perfectly happy and healthy 9-year-old, he also started a project called the 121 club which helps raise money for the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH.  121 is the number of days Elliot spent in the hospital which were the first 121 days of his life.

Ellen invited him on the show to tell him how awesome he is and to also to surprise him with a $20,000 donation to "The 121 Club" project.

The Ellen Show via YouTube
The Ellen Show via YouTube

Elliot happened to be listening to WOKQ this morning with his dad BJ so he called in to say "Hi!" and to tell us what it was like being on Ellen. He is an extremely special little dude and we are honored to be the station he likes to listen to in the morning!

We loved talking to Elliot so much, we invited him to come back on the show to play Kan't Beat Kira - Kidz Week! Listen to Elliot play Kan't Beat Kira on Friday 2/26 on 97.5 WOKQ.

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