Hannah from Alton, New Hampshire shared a pic of her Grandpa Charlie taking his rooster for a casual stroll around town.

Members of the U local New Hampshire Facebook page REALLY appreciated it!

U Local New Hampshire via Facebook
U Local New Hampshire via Facebook

Evidently, the rooster goes by the name Copper Penny. As you can see, Copper Penny is going through a little bit of an identity crisis where he thinks he is a dog.

But it's all good in the Alton hood! I guess the folks at Alton Village Store & Gas don't mind a little FOWL PLAY. (sorry I had to). Maybe Copper Penny was hoping to chat up one of the hot CHICKS behind the counter. (okay, really I'm done)

This pic got tons of likes and the comments are hysterical. Every single comment says one of three things:

1) Hannah, your grandpa is one cool cat!

2) Where does one get a leash for a rooster?

3) Can Grandpa Charlie and Copper Penny go visit Kira at the WOKQ studio? (okay, no one wrote that. I just thought it in my head)

I hope this picture brought you the same amount of joy it brought me. If you live in the Alton area, keep your eye out for Grandpa Charlie and Copper Penny. They could be strolling into a gas station near you!

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