Whoever is in charge of the sign outside of the Lebanon Fire Department has a way of serving up the cold hard truth on a silver platter. This message is definitely an important one. So many accidents have been caused this year from ice flying off of vehicles. It just happened to Bill Fox on his birthday! Thankfully no one was hurt but his windsheild was smashed to bits and needed to be replaced.

The moral of the story? Take the extra 10 minutes in the morning to remove any ice or snow from your car. Or else you will be meeting a State Tropper, as the sign so eloquently put it.

Here is another one of my favorite signs the Lebanon Fire Department posted earlier this month:

Hey, honesty is the best policy.

And here they are predicting the snowfall from our last big storm:

they were slightly off..

hahaha okay I'm done. But Lebanon Fire Department please don't stop entertaining us all with your witty signs.

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