Sharks are coming back in big numbers this year


Because of the resigning seal population, according to, we are due to see an increase in shark traffic off the coast, especially in Cape Cod.  It’s almost like the restaurant of the sea has reopened for them too after the lockdowns.  Let’s use caution and make sure that seals are the only thing on their menu.

Follow the Shark Traffic with Sharktivity


The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity App is my go-to app in the summer.  The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has tagged many sharks in previous years and follows their behavior.  Each tagged shark pings the app and it's nice to follow their track and see where they are going.  Unfortunately, not EVERY shark has been tagged so it’s no guarantee that there is not a shark lurking in the water near you.

Sharks Spend a Lot of Time in Shallow Water

An interesting study by Wildlife Research found that the Great White Sharks in our area spend “almost half their time at depths of 15 feet or less,” according to reporting by  15 feet or less that is terrifying.  One sign that you should stay out of the water is the presence of seals.  If you see some seals, don’t go in the water that day.  Just stay out.  Seals are their favorite food and it’s what draws the sharks to our area.  It's already heating up and it appears we are going to have a very hot summer.  Stay safe out there.



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