If you Feel Lucky to Have Survived this Pandemic, Imagine Surviving Two!

Nashua resident Ruth Magneson Brown is celebrating her 108th birthday,  That’s not a typo.  She really is 108 years old!  Wow!  That means she has survived not only the COVID-19 pandemic but she also survived the Spanish Flu Pandemic when she was a child.

She was born back in 1913, according to reporting by WMUR.com.

I can’t even imagine living that long.

What’s the Secret to her Longevity?

When you ask Ruth about the secret to her long life she says “It’s a secret!  That’s what I’m telling everybody," she tells WMUR.com.

I would like to know her secret.  It might have something to do with love.  Ruth has five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. To be surrounded by that much love I am sure helps.

How Does it Feel to Be 108?

When WMUR.com asked Ruth what it feels like to be 108 she answered with a ready reply.  “Well, it feels like 108.”

Ruth was born the oldest of 10 siblings and sadly she has outlived them all

It must feel pretty good to have dodged not only one but two pandemics.  She would have been just a kid during the Spanish Flu pandemic.  She would have been only around 5 years old.  Imagine the history she has seen.

I hope to live to 110!  Happy Birthday, Ruth, enjoy the celebration with your family.

I’m glad the pandemic restrictions have lifted, and everyone has had their vaccines to Ruth can have a right proper celebration of a fantastic milestone.


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