When I first moved to New Hampshire and was looking for a place to live, I kept passing a Burger King that looked completely abandoned.

Right off exit 7, you could see the big Burger King sign but once you pulled off the exit, it became clear that there were no hot fries or whoppers waiting on the other side.

I've been here almost a year and a half and it doesn't look like much has changed there, but that may not be true for much longer. Maybe.

James Maxfield, a building official with the city of Dover, told Fosters.com in February that the owners really wanted to reopen:

“They definitely want to open, there’s no question about that, they definitely want to do the right thing, and they don’t want to have to work on the building again once they reopen.”

The Burger King has been closed since September of 2018, according to the article.  The reason? The roof was leaking water into the food preparation area.

Fosters.com says the owners are ARC CafeUSA001 LLC., which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

Maxfield says that the owners have been doing renovations, including fixing the electrical, but it's taking longer to get everything done due to the high demand for contractors in the Seacoast area.

According to the Fosters article, the Burger King, which is located right on Central Ave, was projected to open in April, but it doesn't look like that wound up happening.

So will it be opening soon if at all?

Hopefully by the end of the summer, it might open? I've always thought the building looked a little sad sitting there empty.

Plus it's a super convenient location to hop right off the exit if you need a quick pit stop for some fast food!

Fingers crossed.


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