Actor John Cusack is coming to The Music Hall in Portsmouth on Saturday, October 21, for a conversation about his prolific career in film. The conversation will follow a screening of the movie Say Anything..., and will be hosted by yours truly.

According to the Music Hall’s official release:

“With an impressive body of work spanning the course of three decades, John Cusack has evolved into one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and respected actors of his generation, garnering both critical acclaim as well as prestigious accolades for his dramatic and comedic roles.

Cusack first gained the attention of audiences by starring in a number of 1980’s film classics such as The Sure Thing, Say Anything, and Sixteen Candles. Following these roles, Cusack successfully shed his teen-heartthrob image by demonstrating his ability to expand his film repertoire by starring in a wide range of dramas, thrillers and comedies including The Grifters, Eight Men Out, Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, and Grosse Pointe Blank.”

And with me at the helm, you can also expect some discussion about Con Air, Identity, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1408, and Cusack’s turn as Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy.

If you’re nice, I may also try to squeeze in some Hot Tub Time Machine chatter.

But the main event is Say Anything..., the 1989 coming-of-age romantic comedy in which Cusack starred as the boombox hoisting Lloyd Dobler. The film is also notable for its soundtrack, which features classics from Peter Gabriel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Living Colour.

Tickets to the conversation at The Music Hall available here.

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