Amidst the gloom and doom, we see every day in the news there are some acts of kindness that make my heart smile. reports that senior citizens shopping during the senior shopping time between 6 and 7:30 a.m. were in for a surprise at a Stop & Shop in Provincetown, Massachusetts last Saturday. A donor paid for their groceries.

The donor purchased $5,000 for the store to use for senior-only hours on Saturday giving much need support to some seniors in need. The donor was a Provincetown resident that choose to be anonymous. According to, store manager Melinda McCarthy told the Cape Cod Times that “It was super satisfying for all of us.”

McCarthy went on to say that one woman was brought to tears because she had run out of government assistant for food. Even in times of darkness, there is always some light. These good news stories of others selflessly helping others bring me hope. I will continue to blog about good news stories during this pandemic and even beyond. It restores my faith in humanity.


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