If you were near Portsmouth International Airport at Pease recently, you may have seen a very odd-looking plane.  Maybe you were not sure if it was a plane or an alien aircraft?

After taking a closer look at the weirdly-shaped airplane, your mind might conjure up all types of thoughts as to why the Airbus company would create such a strange-looking ship.

Aviation is astonishing, as it creates viable birds for its needs.  The need for an airplane this large shows the importance of transporting large objects like helicopters, other aircraft, and large vehicles.

Airbus makes the Beluga complete with whale markings, to solely provide "transport solutions for a variety of sectors, including space, energy, military, aeronautics, maritime and humanitarian sectors," according to airbus.com.

The Airbus Beluga offers temperature-controlled flights to transport sensitive items like large valuable paintings and other temperature controlled items deemed "outsized cargo".

The Beluga looks like a whale and it is one of the largest cargo aircraft ever made, so to see one locally is a real eye-opener.

This particular plane spotted at Pease is 184 feet and three inches long.  A football field is 360 feet long, so this Airbus is about 1/2 as long as a football field.  That's a staggering visual.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The next generation of the Airbus Beluga is the XL.  This is not the Beluga spotted at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, but Airbus does make it look like the whale it's named after.

The Airbus spotted at Pease opens at the mouth near the cockpit, and can provide an on-board cargo loader at many locations.

Yes, it's a strange looking air carrier, but is much needed for so many large payloads.

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