Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge


Noting stops Dr. Laura Landerman-Garber from completing her Holiday Card Challenge of sending cards to our troops.  Even the pandemic didn’t stop Laura Landerman-Garber from brightening the spirits of our troops all over the world.  Laura Landerman-Garber has been collecting and sending cards to our servicemen and women for nearly 20 years. It all started when she handed out Holiday Cards are her Thanksgiving dinner asked her family to write a personalized message to a member of our military.  She had just been to the dentist's office and she saw an advertisement to send cards to the troops and after she went home, she told her family that their “ticket to turkey” was composing a card for one of our troops.


The lesson in gratitude for her family became a movement


What used to be a program to send cards to our troops overseas and on ships has been extended to those serving stateside.  They too, especially since the pandemic isolation left a great number of servicemen and women to feel pretty down during the holidays.  A card can mean a lot at a bad time.  Our troops need us now more than ever. They need to know they are not forgotten.  And not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, but the holiday season when so many soldiers, both men, and women, can feel isolated and alone away from family and friends.


Help us Smash her previous records for cards sent


Her reason is so beautiful and I think she sums it up so well.  She told me earlier this week that she had heard from one recipient of her holiday card who told her the card was “the difference between loneliness and despair and hope and happiness” If you want to help, they are kicking off early this year.  For more information on how you can participate, check out the new website listed below or reach out on social media.  You can find them on Instagram at holidaycardchallege or on Facebook, just search for the group Holiday Card Challenge.  What an amazing treasure we have in Landerman-Garber! I really want to help this year so you can reach out to me at and everything else you need is Let's go! Let's do this!



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