If you're like me...a kid of the '80s, you know about Jolt Cola. It's the soda you're mom was probably scared to let you drink because she heard about a kid who drank it and had a heart attack. And I'm only half joking. I remember having a bunch of friends stay all night once, and my mom freaked out when Eddie Cross brought a 2 liter of Jolt for the sleepover. If we had social media back then, I would have been #embarrassed.

Well everything old is new again. Stephen King, the master of the 80's scariest movies, has a new version of It in theaters, the retro 80's show Stanger Things is up for a bunch of Emmy's tonight...and Jolt is coming back to stores starting Thursday. Jolt will be sold exclusively at Dollar General stores. A 16-ounce can will cost $1.

By the way...if it's like the old Jolt, each 16-ounce can will have 191 milligrams of caffeine...about the same as most energy drinks...way more than a regular soda, but less than coffee.

Now if you'll excuse me I want to see if I can round up some Pop Rocks to pour in my Jolt on Thursday.

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