I don’t like Sundays. For most of my life I did, but then a combination of life changes, the pandemic, and getting older made it my least favorite day of the week.

I was recently driving north on Route 1 in Seabrook, feeling kind of down in the dumps with the Sunday blues. As I entered Hampton Falls, though, I encountered a sign that immediately changed my Sunday vibe.

Photo Credit: Rineman Balls
Photo Credit: Rineman Balls

That’s right. “Hampton Balls.” So, to whoever was brave enough to cover that F with a B, I got something I wanna say to you:

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the initiative to make me and countless others laugh. Here we are, driving past the funniest mall in the world, and still, you managed to top it.

This is by no means a slight towards Hampton Falls, which is itself a fine town. It’s got the best apple orchards in the land, and a corn maze I’d be happy to get lost in.

Instead, it’s a tribute to our unmistakable New Hampshire sense of humor. Of course someone should turn a Hampton Falls sign into a Hampton Balls sign. If you don’t, are you even from New Hampshire?

It’s also such a Winnacunnet move. Just absolutely classic. It warms my heart that after all these years, the nonsense my friends and I worked so hard to create lives on.

And to the humorless cranks that "fixed" this sign – shame. Shame, shame.

It had me thinking about “improving” other town names. But upon closer inspection, it seems like most cities in New Hampshire don’t really need it…

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