Legislators say a ban on texting and driving isn't doing enough, and the law needs to be expanded to include all handheld devices.

According to WGME News 13, Democratic Senator Bill Diamond of Windham, Maine is proposing a bill that would ban all electronic devices, not just cell phones while motorists are behind the wheel. Presently, there is a loophole which in his opinion needs to be closed.

Diamond told WGME News 13, "Many law enforcement members are frustrated with the current legislation because they see people with the phone in their hand, their punching the numbers, but the person simply says, 'I wasn't texting I was dialing a number.'" Diamond said. "Regardless of what they were doing, they are distracted."

This wouldn't be the first time Diamond has submitted the bill. He attempted to get it through two years ago but then Gov. LePage vetoed it.

Diamond said if this passes, Maine would join 15 other states, including New Hampshire, that ban the use of hand held electronic devices

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