One of the best things I did was quit smoking.

I was a pack-a-day guy for years, and I finally just stopped.

In fact, January 16 is my 2-year anniversary without so much as an urge to smoke.

I did however vape for a couple of months, but I stopped because I got freaked out over not really knowing what was going into my lungs.

Everyone said that it’s just flavored steam and some nicotine, but I didn’t feel right. My gut told me not to do it so I stopped.

And it seems that there’s another death related to vaping.

According to WCVB, the Massachusetts man who died was in his 70s. The news station reported that it's the fourth person who "died of a vaping-associated lung injury" in the state.

I see kids and adults vaping like crazy at times. My dad has been vaping for years and I’m scared for his health. He was a 2-3 pack a day of cigarettes for years.

Not sure if it’s an upgrade or not but I still get concerned for him after seeing stories like this. He’s 86 and is probably not gonna stop. I have school age kids still and they tell me that vaping is a thing.

My two cents??? Until we know exactly what is going on, don’t do it.

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