Do you think this is a good idea? Or do you think people should just put their phones away for the duration of a movie? Take our poll!

The 'Theatre Mode' feature would dim dispays and mute audio so the annoying part of people texting while at the movies would be gone.

I went to the movies twice over the holidays and in one of the movies a woman's phone rang four times. Yes you read that correctly, FOUR. And in the other movie people were taking selfies a few rows in front of me with the flash on while the movie was playing. I feel like I don't need to elaborate on how both of these situations made me feel inside.

SO with that in mind I feel like we already have problems with people being able to part with their phones during a movie. We probably shouldn't give folks the permission to have their phones out because they will most likely abuse the privilege. (in my humble opinion)

Now that I have told you how I feel, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Weigh in by taking our poll below:

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