The Good Samaritan prevented further incidents in an area when many families were walking to First Night Portsmouth.

New Years Eve, Aaron J. Marconi, 50, of 28 New Castle Ave., Portsmouth was arrested after a string of hit-and-run crashes, causing damage to two businesses and three other vehicles. His 2003 Chevrolet pickup careened into the Darleen’s Subs & Pizza building on Islington Street. Before he was able to continue,  Two Good Samaritans, including an Uber driver, worked to prevent Marconi from fleeing, according to

A man used his vehicle to block Marconi from leaving after hitting the building. Marconi threatened to kill that man, In the report, Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn stated “When Good Samaritan number two (the Uber driver) saw that Marconi was trying to back into the driver blocking him, he told the driver to get out of the way and held his gun until we arrived.”

Marconi, who had to be forcibly removed from his vehicle was charged with possession of a narcotic drug, as well as driving while intoxicated, criminal threatening and four counts of conduct after an accident. Police said the narcotic was heroin.

As for the gun, according to Fosters, it was seized by police , but later determined by  Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn “he was legally carrying and he was cleared.”

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