I don't love to use the b-word nor do I appreciate it when others refer to me as such but to make a word illegal? Come on now!

Whatever happened the freedom of speech?

Plus I can think of a whole list of words that are more offensive than the b-word. I will spare you that list in the interest of keeping my job.

A Boston Democrat has proposed a state law that would penalize the use of the b-word when used to demean another person, according to Boston.com.

That's right! If you drop a B-bomb in public you could be in big trouble!

The website's article states this could be added to the section of state law that assigns fines for offenses like common nightwalkers, indecent exposure, and disturbers of the peace.

In what world is calling someone a b-word as offensive as trotting around in your birthday suit in public? Am I missing something here?

The Massachusetts Republican Party had something to say about that:

What do you think? Is this a violation of the First Amendment?

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