Nowadays, when people talk about shopping malls, it's either about another store closing their doors or maybe even an entire shopping center shutting down. But, this story is about something that's making a comeback to a mall near you and many of you (including me) may not like it.

According to an article from Business Insider, the clothing store Abercrombie is doing a re-launch of their cologne 'Fierce.' Which means, you will once again be walking through an invisible cloud of cologne as you pass by the Abercrombie store at the mall nearest you.

I got to be honest with you, I never liked that fragrance and it was almost a given that if I ever walked past the Abercrombie store, I would get an instant headache and there were some times that I could actually taste the cologne because the smell was so strong.

The BI article says Abercrombie stopped spraying 'Fierce' throughout their stores back in 2017. Even though there is a new ad campaign with a new image for the cologne that is more inclusive for everyone, the scent will remain exactly the same.

The campaign, #FaceYourFierce, is intended to explore "the modern notion of what it means to be fierce through a sensitive, diverse and inclusive lens," the company said in a press release.


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