A new museum opened in Portland, Maine, on August 5. The Museum of Beadwork is located on Forest Avenue in Portland, adjacent to Caravan Beads.

According to the Museum of Beadwork's website, this space establishes an exhibition area for beaded artwork, as well as form an artistic community and provide a center of learning.

According to Heather Kahn, co-founder of the museum, their mission is to:

"Illuminate the history of beads throughout the world and to explore the cultural and artistic significance of beadwork in art and adornment across cultures and around the world."

Heather Kahn is a Portland native who conceived the Museum of Beadwork as a way to create a showcase for inspiring artwork, as well as to build relationships between artists and communities.

The museum is open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-4pm for the rest of the year. Follow the museum on Facebook to learn more.

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