The news is down right depressing lately. Between the public health crisis, the world running out of toilet paper, and Tom Brady announcing he is leaving the New England Patriots, the world has turned upside down! We need cute photos of your dogs, cats, and babies now more than ever! Anything to make us smile and distract us from the dumpster fire that is happening outside.

Gabrielle Jean Ricker took a photo shoot with her precious baby Maisy to celebrate her first pandemic and shared it to the U local New Hampshire Facebook page:

As you can see Maisy is armed with all of the essentials; Clorox wipes, Lysol, and two rolls of TP. Hey Maisy, where did you get those rolls by the way? My local Market Basket is fresh out!

The photo is getting a lot of positive reactions and comments. It is giving people a much needed reason to smile and laugh. Thank you to Gabrielle for posting and to baby Maisy for being so darn cute.

Maisy might not remember her first pandemic but she will have this amazing photo to look back on and show her kids one day.

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