This might be worse than a skinny jeans shortage!

Prices on craft beers that rely on lots of hops could be going up. According to, last summer's hot and dry weather in Europe led to a hops shortage (hops being essential to popular craft IPAs in particular). The price of some hop varieties has reportedly risen by as much as 50%!

Those costs are likely to be passed along to the consumer. I would imagine less hop dominated brews, like porters and brown ales will see a bit of a push in the coming months as well. As an avid craft brew drinker (although my hipster privileges were revoked awhile ago), I think this may be good news as the hop heavy fad seems played out.

If you're taking this news hard, then find solace in knowing that Seacoast on Tap tickets are already on sale. The deal will look better and better as we get closer to June 25th, when you can sample all manor of beers at Raitt Farm Homestead in Eliot, ME.

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