One bite, everybody knows the rules.

Do you?

If you do not know what that line is from, you need informing. Dave Portnoy is the owner and founder of Barstool Sports.

If you are unfamiliar with Barstool, they are "a sports & pop culture blog covering the latest news and viral highlights of each and every day with blogs, videos and podcasts," according to their website.

Their content is some of the best and funniest on the internet.

Anyway, one of Portnoy's biggest successes and content series is his pizza reviews.  He starts every single one with the same sentence, "One bite, everybody knows the rules."

Then he proceeds to eat four or five bites and give the pizza a review out of 10.

Portnoy has reviewed over 1,000 pizza shops. He has reviewed them all over Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and hundreds of others all over the rest of the United States and the world.

Of those 1,000+ reviews, he had NEVER done a pizza review in New Hampshire.

Until last week.

Portnoy showed up at Mike's Pie in Hudson, New Hampshire.

You have to watch the review above to get a sense of what took place, but it was weird.

The employee taking Portnoy's order told a bizarre story of the celebrity almost going to a pool party in Litchfield. The employee swears that Litchfield is known for their large pool parties...?

I have never heard of this, but it did make for a hilarious interaction.

The final score was 7.2 (out of 10). He disliked the "sweet sauce."

This leads me to demand that Dave Portnoy try beach pizza. He has never had sweet sauce until he takes a bit of Tripoli's with extra cheese.

Either way, I am happy to say Dave Portnoy has completed his first-ever New Hampshire pizza review.

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