If you drive on Route 495, at Exit 48 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, you can't miss a 26-foot-tall dog with a big bone in the middle of its stomach.  The massive pup is made of metal, and is the third generation of the original dog which debuted in 2004.

The American Dog, which is the official name of the metal sculpture, has become a national phenomenon, especially in New England.  You'll find this sculpture popping up in communities everywhere, but also at private homes.

Who creates the sculptures?  That would be a metal sculptor in Haverhill, Massachusetts, named Dale Rogers.  He's been at it since 2002, welding equipment on the family farm.  He was always an artist at heart, according to DaleRogersStudio.com.

Rogers has had over 100 public installations across the country, mostly sponsored by local governments, non-profits, and private companies.  You'll find the American Dog on over 20 public school properties, especially in Massachusetts.

Dale Rogers Studio via Facebook
Dale Rogers Studio via Facebook

Boston's WCVB-TV recently did a story about the American Dog sculpture, but there's so much more to the sculptor.  There are sculptures of a happy dog, a giant whale tail, a grizzly bear, a pointer, three birds in a tree, a fox, a happy family, star dancers, harmony birds, a dragonfly, a guitar, and a key, just to name a few.

One of my personal favs is the sculpture which spells out "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been".  But you really need to check out the website, because Dale Rogers work is exquisite. It's no wonder he's world-renowned.

Even President Bill Clinton commissioned Rogers to create an American Dog sculpture for his private home.

Rogers is also an author.  His book, Exit 48: The Art of Never Giving Up, is available online, and an inspiration for those who follow their dreams.

Dale Rogers Studio via Facebook
Dale Rogers Studio via Facebook

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