I never thought I would be writing this article, truthfully.

Bears are out to get Christmas decorations all over the United States.

Yes, I know that sounds like a catchy headline, but it is actually happening. And it is hilarious. Probably disappointing for the homeowners who just installed their inflatable Rudolph, but hilarious to spectators like me!

The first bear attack (on Christmas decorations) that I saw is below.

Two brown bears approach the blown-up Rudolph. The baby bear, as it seems, gets up on their back legs and starts to claw the heck out of Rudolph's face.

And honestly, it's vicious.

The bear started with the front. Once Rudolph was down, the bear started attacking the back legs. It is almost as if the bear thought it was taking down a real deer.

The only reason it stopped was because the bear realized that it was not meat (you know, once it deflated). That, and the fact that I think Mamma Bear said it was time to go.

Another attack on Christmas decorations came from Florida. This time it was hard, lit-up, reindeer that were the victims, not a blow-up.

And to be fair, when you exclude the lights, these do look just like deer (look at me defending the bear).

According to a NY Post article, owner, EJ Elvin’s home has surveillance equipment that picked up the attack on the Reindeer decorations around 3 AM.

The large bear is seen sniffing out the first lit-up reindeer before swiftly knocking it down with his paw.

Next, the bear is seen in the video making quick work of the Christmas decoration

The bear is seen thoroughly crushing the outdoor decoration before moving to the next reindeer, appearing to take a liking to this one.

A few moments later, the bear can be seen dragging the entire reindeer by mouth away from Elvin’s home. 

I really think these bears think they are REAL DEER. So, fair warning to all Christmas decorators in New England.

Maybe put your reindeer decorations away, or at least have a camera rolling for more decoration attacks.

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