Looking to get away, far from the maddening crowd?  This tiny town in Maine might be a good fit.  The town is very popular with travel bloggers and I read about it on travelawaits.com.  What a good name for a travel site during a pandemic.  Yes, travel does await.  Maybe it’s time to explore some of the smaller towns in the New England area.  Ogunquit derives its name from the Abenaki tribe’s word which means ‘beautiful place by the sea,” according to travelawaits.com article author Robert Rosenthal.

As far as restaurants, Ogunquit has some amazing spots and I can tell you from personal experience as I have been there a few times. I have eaten lobster right by the ocean at Oarweed, then for breakfast, there's Cafe Amore they have been there for over 20 years. One of my bests friends has been vacationing in Ogunquit for 20 years and he tells me besides the beautiful scenery in Ogunquit,  it's all about the people. Same people have been there for years... it's the people, the heart and soul of places like Cafe Amore. It's tradition it's like coming home again. Things have not changed. It's all about family.

As I was writing this article I got in contact with Leanne Cusimano the owner of Cafe Amore and she tells me her place has not been open due to the pandemic. Leanne says it's been really hard and not just for her but for all the mom and pop operators in Ogunquit. The good news Cafe Amore will have its grand opening this father's day weekend. New patio seating plus a little surprise for its customers, they have a huge parking lot and since the restaurant has a retro vibe you can car hop and eat in your car if you'd like. Like the good old days.


What is there to do in a small, beautiful place by the sea?  Turns out there is plenty to do.  They have an excellent hometown theatre company that often features stars from Hollywood and Broadway. According to travelawaits.com, The Ogunquit Playhouse is the place to take in a well-produced live show.  Check ahead to see if they are holding productions this summer and if they are affected by COVID-19 restrictions. Perhaps the great outdoors is where you want to be with the salt air in your hair.  Sightseeing cruises are a very popular Ogunquit activity.  Try Silverlining Sailing to get breathtaking views of the Maines shoreline.  As always, call ahead due to travel restrictions.

The beach in Ogunquit is rocky but you can take a nice walk and there is plenty of parking.  And what trip to a small town is complete without a stroll down Main Street.  Lots of cute little shops and even a cute little piano bar.  To end the day, stop by Scoop Shack to end a perfect day with some ice cream.  Every perfect day for me ends with ice cream.




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