Your last chance to enjoy coffee at Dover's Cafe Espresso will happen on May 5th.

According to, the owner of Café Espresso is selling the property in Dover, and Sunday will be the final day of business. Much like a story reported earlier this week, where a fair in Concord had to be cancelled due to low unemployment and labor issues, the closing of Dover's location was also staffing related in a tight labor market. . Owner David Hadwen told Fosters  “It was a tough decision."  He said his regular clientele expressed sadness about the decision. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years – I’ve never seen the labor market like this before.” Employees who work in Dover have been offered positions at the Portsmouth location

However, the Portsmouth location on Islington Street will remain open. Hadwen opened the Dover location in 2015

What will become of 471 Central Ave? Hadwen told Fosters he is selling the property to a buyer, whose identity he did not disclose. The new owner will open it as a bar/restaurant.




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