Father's Day is this Sunday. While the forecast calls for sunny and warm, things may be a bit chilly at the Sanders place. It's quite possible Bernie Sanders won't be getting a card or a BBQ from his son this year.

Newser claims Bernie Sanders won't endorse his son, Levi, who's running for a seat in New Hampshire Congressional District 1. The former Presidential candidate, says he does not believe in "dynastic politics", but is proud of his son for wanting to raise the minimum wage and for asking for Medicare for all.

The Washington Post calls the younger Sanders bid "an unusual dance." While the Boston Globe states Levi Sanders campaign is "widely seen as an "inept" one, which could be an annoyance for Bernie should he make a 2020 presidential run."

When asked about his father's snub, Levi told the Boston Globe; "You know I'm not Bernie's son. I'm the son of Larry David's fourth cousin.''

Well at least he has a sense of humor about. And if these reports are true...he's going to need come Election Day.

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