Al Fleury is the owner of some of our favorite restaurants here in the Granite State; The Goat (in Hampton and Portsmouth), Wally's Pub, Bernie's Beach Bar, and The Green Room (in Hampton and Portsmouth). Obviously the industry has taken a hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. But when champions fall down they don't just lay there. They dust themselves off and stand up stronger and taller than ever!

Bernie's Beach Bar isn't going to let a global pandemic put a damper on patio season! The message is as clear as day on their sign:

Fleury told Seacoast Online that he is eager to open and use their 15,000 square feet of outdoor space. He says,

“It’s going to be a little different than Bernie’s was in 2019, for sure, but it’s going to be as close to Bernie’s as you can get.”

Fleury goes on to say that he hopes for a Summer filled with live music. The music may have to happen in front of strategically placed high top tables rather than a crowded, sweaty, dance floor.

Other beachfront businesses have different feelings about reopening but Fleury is keeping his expectations high and his spirits higher.

As of now, Hampton Beach (the actual beach) will be closed along with all of the other beaches in the state until at least May 31st.

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