Trigger warning: If you're hungry, you might not want to read this. This article contains mouth-watering images and may cause your stomach to growl.

Hop + Grind in Durham, New Hampshire, made the list of the top 50 burgers in the United States.

I mean, look at this monster, with fries that are making me drool right now...

In order to find the best burgers in the United States, Enjoy Travel needed to identify the criteria. The rankings were based  on the following:

  • Editorial opinions & experiences
  • Previous critic reviews
  • Online customer reviews
  • Location and accessibility
  • Online presence
  • Consistency
  • Atmosphere & service
  • Value for money
  • Presentation

According to Enjoy Travel:

These guys don’t have restaurants, they have food experiences. They push the limits in fast-food cuisine and offer one of the best burgers in New Hampshire. If you’re into trying new tastes, then you should try their Bomb Diggity burger. It's a beef patty blended with American and cheddar cheese, topped with salami and mushrooms. Their cheeseburger is just $7.

Calling these "craft" burgers does not do them justice. They are gourmet, professional, and LOADED between the buns.

According to the Hop + Grind website, it's not just the burgers that make this place a top 50 burger destination in America, but the experience:

We don't build restaurants, we create the FOOD EXPERIENCE.  We push the limits in our environment and we're defined by our cuisine.  In here we EMBRACE THE PAST, but CHASE THE FUTURE.  We focus on acknowledging people in a relevant and authentic way.  We push each other to CHANGE THE GAME and we PLAY FOR LEGACY.  Forever renegades.  

And to the point of experience, check out what the experience would look like. There's even an old-school arcade game to entertain yourself between bites.

Congratulations to the only New Hampshire eatery for making this list!

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