I will forever be a Demoulas guy. Around 50% of you know that when I say Demoulas, I obviously mean Market Basket.

Market Basket is the GOAT (greatest of all time) of grocery stores in New England. They have the best prices, the best products, and the nicest staff.

More for your dollar? More like more from your neighbor.

And that is where this story begins.

Every week I get pretty much the exact same grocery order. Sure, that is a bit boring. However, it helps me and my wife eat clean(ish), get in and out of the store fast, and whoever is shopping knows exactly what to get.

One of my weekly orders is 1-1.5 pounds of thin and trim buffalo chicken.

Side note, this is a delicious deli meat. Jump on the bandwagon. I eat a buff chick wrap every single day for lunch Monday through Friday.

Anyway, this past Sunday, my wife and I went up to the deli. As I started to say "One pound of thin and trim buffalo," the man behind the deli interrupted me and said, "I know. I could have guessed that one."

It made my heart warm. This guy behind the deli, whose name I regretfully did not catch, knew my order. He sees hundreds of people a week, but he knew my order.

Even more impressive than that, we also get one pound of salmon every week. Months ago, the same man weighed a little over a pound, and I told him it was okay. I would give the skin and scraps to our dogs.

He then gave me all of the salmon scraps from the day, and said it was a treat for the dogs.

The following week? Same thing. I honestly think he had the scraps ready before I was even there.

It was not until this past Sunday, when he knew my deli meat order, that I remembered the salmon story. The same Market Basket on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The same employee. I will edit this article to include his name next week when I go again.

But if you are ever wondering if you should be going to Aldi's or Shaw's, stop that. Go where you get more for a dollar. More from your neighbor. The place with the red tile flooring. The place where your deli guy knows your order before you even have to ask: Market Basket.

Thank you, anonymous deli guy, for reminding me why I love Market Basket, Portsmouth, and New England.

And what other grocery store in America could pull off this prank:

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