As a frugal guy, I do not do much shopping. If and when I do, most of my clothing comes from second-hand stores.

If I decide I need socks, a new shirt, or something that cannot come from a second-hand store, I ALWAYS look at the price tag or try to find the best deal.

There is one piece of "clothing" I will spend any amount of money on, and that is my sneakers.

Proper footwear is so important to me. Whether I am planning on walking all day or sitting around, having comfortable and durable sneakers is the most important part of the outfit.

For me, the best two sneakers I own are Hoka and New Balance. My everyday shoes for hanging out, going to a bar, and work are my New Balance 997s. I also like the New Balance 574s. New Balance shoes have numbers associated with what kind of sneaker they are, by the way (hence the 997 and 574).

My FAVORITE is the Hoka (any kind), which I cannot recommend enough. It's the best active shoe for walking and being on your feet all day. Hoka has taken over the sneaker game, in my opinion. Although less "stylish" compared to some, like New Balance, the Hoka offers unbelievable arch support and a cushiony sole.

At any rate, I wanted to find out what the most popular sneakers were in each New England state (Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire anyway).

I was curious, was I wearing the right shoe? Is there a sneaker better suited for me that others love in New England?


According to an AIOBot article, the most popular sneakers in Maine are the Oofos Shoes, Adidas Ultra Boost, and Nike Blazer Mid 77.

I have been seeing tons of Oofos around, but I have never tried them. To be honest, I do not love the style (but sneakers are about comfort, not style, let's be honest). Those who wear Oofos seem to love the shoe.

The Nike Blazer Mid 77 is NOT a good walking shoe. It would be crazy for Mainers to love this shoe for anything other than style (and they are pretty cool-looking).


Massachusetts honestly crushed this, in my opinion. The top three sneakers in Massachusetts were the New Balance 550, Asics Sneakers, and Vessi shoes.

Asics was the elite walking and running shoe until Hoka came around (for me, anyway).

New Hampshire:

I have never been more proud of this state. The top sneakers were the Hoka One One (a phenomenal and practical choice), Nike Blazers, and Under Armor Sneakers.

Will you be trying some new kicks after seeing these results?

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