If you ask people about sushi, they either love it or don't.  People are not wishy washy about sushi.

For those who love this Japanese specialty, you will not want to miss this restaurant, just voted the best in New Hampshire by 247wallst.com.

There's not much you won't find here for authentic Japanese cuisine, and it's plenty more than just sushi.

The menu includes hibachi dinners, sobu noodles, dinner combos, bento boxes, teriyaki and tempura dishes, and more.

Then there's the sushi, which contains all the favorites, like sashimi, sushi, maki, hand rolls, and all types of rolls, perhaps more than most sushi restaurants.

devi puspita via unsplash.com
devi puspita via unsplash.com

The top restaurant in New Hampshire, according to 247wallst.com, is Kumo Sushi.

Kumo's vast menu and daily specials, something you don't see in sushi restaurants regularly, are what caught the attention of the site.

If you think you won't like sushi, then you haven't tried it.  It doesn't have to be fish in a sushi roll.  You can order all vegetable rolls if you are a novice or unsure.

However, we live in New England where there's fresh seafood daily, so if you think you'd like to try sushi, you have nothing to lose. The seafood is fresh, and once you decide you like sushi, you'll see how you were in the minority.

"Itadakimasu" or "Buon Appetit" in Japanese, friend.

Here are some other popular sushi restaurants in the state.

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