The ticks are back in increasing numbers


Maybe because of the lockdown and pandemic restrictions we didn’t notice the decrease in ticks last summer.  Maybe the ticks were on lockdown also.  Actually, according to, it appears the tick population has been affected by the drought we experienced last year.


Drought, the Good and the Bad


Since a great deal of New England experienced drought conditions last year, there were fewer insects around.  Both the biting kind and otherwise.  But this year they are surging back.  The population of dog ticks, which do not carry Lyme disease has been seen all over Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont per the news outlet.  While drought conditions do cut down on the insect population it’s not good for our crops and trees.


Emergency Room Visits for Tick Bites are on the Rise


Already this year Maine has seen a rise in visits to the emergency room for tick-related incidents.  Maine CDC said in a statement reported by “Tickborne disease remains a serious threat in Maine.”  Ticks love rain and humidity so their numbers will be on the rise this year.  It’s important to take the proper precautions when hiking to avoid ticks.  Wear a hat, use insect repellent and wear lightweight long sleeve clothing.  One trick I learned since moving to New Hampshire is to use a lint roller on my clothes before going in.  It will pick up on those tiny ticks that are so hard to see.  Stay safe and enjoy the summer hikes!



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