The Red Sox great made stops in Concord and Manchester with the New Hampshire Lottery Wednesday.

The Boston Red Sox haven't been lucky in scoring wins so far this season. (chill, it's still waaaayy early) However, a man who help lead the team to multiple World Series Championships was in the Granite State yesterday with the New Hampshire Lottery.

The Boston Red Sox 2018 World Series Championship scratch ticket gives players the chance to win $100,000. The $5 ticket will be a major boost to the state's education system. According to WMUR News 9, Ortiz was greatly impressed by the money the the organization commits to schools. Ortiz said “Donating $2 billion dollars for education -- that's huge. That's something that makes a difference. All these kids getting an education is the only way they can have a bright future."

Along the way, Big Papi visited many area establishments, like Billy's Sports Bar, Yee Dynasty and Backyard Brewery.


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