Bizarre but True Story


If you know me, you know I love birds and bird stories.  I find birds fascinating.  I mean, apparently, they are the ancestors of dinosaurs so maybe that’s where my fascination comes from.  According to, Mary Beth Westward of New London says a ruffed grouse appears to have claimed her husband as his own. The family has even given the ruffed grouse name:  Walter.


Walter the Ruffed Grouse


Westward took to Facebook and posted the story with pictures of her husband Todd and Walter.  Walter likes to walk Todd to his vehicle in the morning and waits for him on the front steps every evening.  He even likes following Todd around while Todd is working with power tools, seemingly unfazed or threatened by the loud noises.  Westward hoped to get an explanation for Walter’s weird behavior.  They have lived in the area for some time and heard and seen ruffed grouse before but never experienced anything like Walter’s attachment to Todd.


An Explanation and No, Todd is not a Disney Princess


The most logical explanation came to Westward’s Facebook post by user Jenieanne Steinman who wrote “Your husband is clearly a Disney princess,” according to  The science-based reason comes from wildlife expert Lisa Williams from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  She says in a video that “One theory behind the tame grouse behavior is that they are being hyper territorial.  And if I come into the territory and do anything that sounds like I might be a drumming grouse, I can elicit this hyper territorial response,” according to the news outlet.  I like the Disney princess theory better but regardless what a wonderful interaction with nature.




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