Yeah, you may want to temporarily put away the K Cups, and break out cool drinks next week.

2018's up and down summer season has recently brought us to the point of easing into pumpkin spice season. With agricultural fairs in full swing, temps routinely dipping into the mid 50's at night, and Labor Day Weekend on the horizon, it almost seemed like the right time to give up on escaping to the beach on a 90 degree workday.

Not so fast.

According to the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine's Twitter account, Northern New England is headed for above normal temperatures again. while much of the country will be at "50-60% above normal favored," New Hampshire will be in the 70% range. This is expected to last through the month of August, and stretch into Labor Day Weekend.

With all the recent rain, better mow the suddenly green lawn, before you HAVE to do it in temps closing in on 90.



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