Boston's Finest truly are that, but one officer made a face plant recently, which was caught on a cell phone camera, posted on TikTok and then went viral.

There's a new "Plaza Playscape" in downtown Boston which just opened.  It's a place where kids can have fun and enjoy the city, not as a concrete jungle, but rather a place to play, have fun, and enjoy living or visiting the city of Boston.

The CNN video, first posted on TikTok, shows the Boston officer trying out the new silver and quite slippery slide.  It was fast and furious as the officer pushed through the top and swirled around face down and feet first.

This is not the usual way a child might go down a slide, but that's what happened and the video makes it look like he was shot out of a cannon.

The officer had no injuries but did require minor medical attention, according to CNN.

He also lost no work time.


The signs posted on the playground clearly say ages 2-12 are welcome, so the slide is designed for smaller people.  It sure did look like the officer was not having fun, but rather shocked at the outcome.

We are all kids at heart, so thankfully, this officer wasn't seriously injured while testing out the new playscape.

Honestly, who could resist hopping on this shiny new slide just once?  I don't know if I could.

Go for it, kids.  Apparently this slide has become a social media sensation due to the video, so all's well that ends well.

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