It began so sweetly.  Sheena Melwani of Boston began using her music as a way to connect to her family during the pandemic lockdown.  Her singing is beautiful and so is her piano playing.  She does mostly covers of popular songs but that’s not what makes her TikToks so great.  While she is singing and playing, a man, off-camera begins heckling her and poking fun at the sometimes-ridiculous lyrics that we sometimes don’t take literally.

For example, one exchange goes like this “But if the world was ending you’d come over, right” she sings.  You’d come over and you’d stay the night.”  While a man, unseen in the video says “No, it’s horrible to trave if the world was ending.  What a dumb idea. If the world was ending, no boys allowed!” according to reporting CNN.  You have to watch the TikToks, they are hilarious.


At first, her TikTok had just a few followers that were mostly family and friends but has since grown to over 1.7 million followers!  She has attracted the attention of singers and songwriters like John Legend and JP Saxe.  Of course, she is good, but what makes the videos great is the off-screen heckling.  It’s just proof that you never know what’s going to be the next sensation.  These TikToks are not cute puppies or magic tricks.  It’s just two people sharing some genuine laughter.  Her TikTok is @sheenamelwani but she has also recently been sharing her videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.  Give a listen to a few and close the windows!  It's just a bit of laughter we need right now.


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