The City has taken delivery of 2018's tree, and it had a long journey to Faneuil Hall.

NECN reported a lighting ceremony for the Faneuil Hall tree is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 27. After that, officials say the tree will light up for a daily light show beginning at 4:30 p.m. every day starting the day after. The lights will dance in time to six different holiday songs  The tree was trucked in from Red Hook, New York. However, there will be another tree part of the celebration which travels even further.

According to NECN, a 60 foot tree, which will symbolize Boston's holiday celebration this year is part of a long standing tradition. Officials say the annual tree is sent from Nova Scotia and set up in Boston Common every holiday season. In the article, it states Nova Scotia donates a tree to Boston every year as a token of thanks for relief efforts undertaken by Boston residents in 1917.



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