Should bowling be an Olympic sport? Yes. Should it change its scoring system? Heck no!

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I believe that bowling has never been an Olympic sport for the following reasons. Many people feel it is recreation and not a competitive sport.

Also, I feel that the International Olympic Committee believes that bowlers don't bowl on an equal playing field. This is due to left handed and right handed bowlers, and that each bowling lane is different from the next.

However, these variables have always been apart of bowling, and you don't hear the top level bowlers complaining about them.

Bowling should be included in the Olympics because it is a great competitive sport with great players all across the world.

I admire the effort that is being made, but bowling's scoring system should not change. The proposed new system world takeaway the possibility of a 300 and put less emphasis on spare shooting. Instead players would be going head-to-head on a frame-by-frame bases similar to the Ryder Cup in Golf.

The theory is that people find the current scoring system confusing. Well let me explain it to you. A strike is 10 pins plus your next 2 balls and a spare is 10 pins plus your next ball. That's it!

Bowling should be in the Olympics but not if the integrity of the game will be lost.

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