My co-worker Sarah and I have tons in common. We love dirty martinis, hummus and talking on the radio. But when it comes to men, we don't exactly see eye to eye! You know how Bradley Cooper in "A Star is Born" looked like he hadn't bathed in a few weeks and he probably didn't smell great? Sarah enjoys that look! She prefers her men rough and rugged. I like a clean-cut, well-groomed man like Tom Brady for example.

We brought this polarizing issue to the airwaves and as you can imagine, people had passionate responses. Check out all of these in support of the rough and rugged man:

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Some ladies were singing the song of my people and prefer their men clean cut. However, the vast majority like a MANLY man. I feel like those are easier to come by here in New England. If we wanted pretty boys we'd live in California.

It's so great we can delve into these polarizing topics on our morning show; the stuff that really matters. hahaha

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