There's a big storm coming. But first, lemme take a selfie.

Huge storms rocked the Granite State early Tuesday afternoon. They slowly approached, and suddenly just opened up and soaked us. While headed out to lunch, I kept an eye to the sky, wondering if I'd reach the destination in time. Turns out, I did, by a scant twenty seconds. While Dover wasn't hit as hard as nearby Somersworth, which saw two building struck by lightning, it was an hour-long soak.

Provided you weren't majorly inconvenienced by the sudden onslaught of lawn tonic, there were many breathtaking sights to see.

Plus, speaking of lawn tonic, we needed the rain. Much of New Hampshire is in a moderate drought, and we've had few days of steady rain. Many areas haven't had any this month.

While a quick dose of rain won't erase those conditions, I could've sworn I saw a few rain dances this afternoon. Wait, nope...just trying run inside and out of the mess.

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